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Diaper Options


Absorbent and versatile, these workhorse diapers are long-lasting, multi-use and super affordable. Luludew’s prefolds provide a simple and natural way to cloth diaper. Made of 8 very absorbent layers in the center. Add a cover and you and baby will be set!

Newborn (4-12 lbs)- 80 diapers/WK

Infant (12-18 lbs)- 70 diapers/WK

Regular (18-25 lbs)- 60 diapers/WK

$30/Week (Covers Included)

$25/Week (No Covers)

All In Ones

Luludew's one-size diaper is the perfect combination of absorbency, natural fibers, and functionality. Made with several absorbent layers of bamboo terry, the interior features a snap down soaker to customize absorbency for both girls & boys.  The outer waterproof fabric has adjustable rise snaps to fit babies until 35lbs.  A true convenient diapering option.

Newborn Size - 80 diapers/ WK

One Size- 70 diapers/ WK


Some of Both

Get the best of both worlds. Make it easy on the caregiver/ or for easy outings. This package includes both prefolds and AIOs.

50 prefolds/ 30 AIOs

45 prefolds/ 25 AIOs

40 prefolds/ 20 AIOs


Additional Service Options

50/50 Yours and Mine

If you've cloth diapered before, you know how time consuming it can be. Each child adds additional laundry to your weekly schedule and sometimes diaper laundry is hard to squeeze in. But you've bought a whole stash! Well I can help. 

Generally speaking most families do not have enough of their own cloth diapers to supply themselves with two weeks worth of diapers (What you would need for a diaper service to wash and clean only your personal diapers.) So my solution is that you would use your own diapers for a week. I'll pick them up for cleaning and drop you off a weeks worth of my diapers. Then I will return them on your pick up day the following week. 

Problems solved! 

Your diapers/ My Prefolds - $80/Month

Your diapers/ My AIOs - $160/Month

Your diapers/ My 50/50 - $120/Month

Deep Cleaning Your Stash

Packing away your stash between babies? Getting ready to sell because you're done with babies? Or you have stick you just can't seem to get rid of?

Let us take the load and within a week the diapers will be back, ready to take on the next load coming their way!

Price break down:

1-30 pieces $30

31- 60 pieces $50

61-90 pieces $70

A piece is considered 1 insert or 1 AIO or 1 pocket cover. 

(This is not intended to be a weekly service.)

Everything All Included!

If cloth diapering is what you want and you want it as simple as possible this is the plan for you. This service includes our All in one diapers plus, cloth wipes and wet bags. Everything you need to go green on your babies cute tushie!

$55/ WK 

(A $5 Savings/Week)

Add-On Services

2 Snappies - $3/Week

100 Cloth Wipes - $5/Week

8 Covers - $8/Week

3 Wet Bags - $5/Week