Diaper Rental

Diaper Rental Rates

Prefolds Only: $45/Month

Prefolds and Covers: $55/Month

All In Ones: $90/Month

Some of Both Styles : $75/Month

Add Ons

Cloth Wipes: $10/Month

Wet Bags: $6/Month

Extra Covers: $15/Month

Everything All Included: $100/Month

(All in Ones, Cloth Wipes, & Wet Bags)

Diaper Rental Now Available

Diaper rental is a service for those who are willing to wash their own diapers, but don't want to worry about the stress of researching and purchasing diapers on your their own. This also solves the problem of purchasing multiple sizes as your baby grows. And no need to store diapers when not in use. 

Diaper rental service also includes an in home consultation, I will personally come to your home and give you my washing advice specific to your washing machine. I will also be available to advice if you have any bumps along the road. New sizes will be delivered when needed.